NFocus Closed Monday, May 25th in Observance of Memorial Day

NFocus will be closed on Monday, May 25th, 2015 in observance of Memorial Day.

Please review all of your jobs that are scheduled and make sure that you contact us to discuss any questions or changes that need to be made.

Postal Regulatory Commission Approves USPS Rate Increase

Postal Regulatory Commission Approves USPS Rate Increase

Today’s ruling by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) approving the proposed prices and classifications for Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Package Services enables the Postal Service to move forward with a new pricing strategy to capitalize on strong mail and package growth.

The new pricing and classification changes for all market-dominant mail classes and competitive products take effect on May 31, 2015. Additionally, the Postal Service is able to move forward with the remaining calendar year 2015 Promotions: Color Transpromo, Emerging and Advanced Technology, and Mail Drives Mobile Engagement.

More information on the new 2015 pricing and the PRC’s ruling is available at .

NFocus will provide updated postal rate calculators shortly to help our partners understand their actual increases. As an example, saturation flats at the SCF are increasing from $.166 to $169 per piece. Please contact your NFocus rep for additional details. Thank you.

USPS Rate Increase- updated information

The USPS Rate increase has NOT been approved yet.

Previously, the PRC stated it would give the Public 7 days to Comment on the USPS response to the Remand Order. Based on the comment period, I doubt we will know whether or not the new rates are approved for a week or so; but keep in mind that they CAN be implemented by 5/31 if the USPS approves them as-filed.

It remains the hope that mailers will 1) prevail on the Exigency Appeal – with a decision soon – so that rates will need to be adjusted downward as soon as July or August of this year, and that 2) “possibly” the USPS could get approval of these rates, but voluntarily agree to postpone implementation so that mailers have only ONE price change this year – but that second “hope” may be a long shot. We recommend all customers plan for these rates to go into effect as of May 31, 2015.

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