PRC Remands USPS again

Today, the PRC remanded the Postal Service price adjustment in areas relating to standard mail, periodicals, and package services and products back to the USPS, AGAIN, to correct deficiencies that the Postal Service had found in its March 6, 2015 Remand Order. Although the Postal Service did file 74 pages of comments and corrections on March 12, 2015, the PRC found the filing deficient.

Once again, the Postal Service has been given an additional order to correct deficiencies in its price filing.

The PRC Order finds that the revised price adjustments still need revision, correction and clarification. The PRC filing includes this comment:

After the Postal Service addresses the deficiencies described in this Order, and files an amended notice of rate adjustment in response to this Order, the Commission will allow for 7 days from the date of the Postal Service’s filing for public comment in accordance with [the law].

The Postal Service states that the revised prices are scheduled to go into effect on April 26, 2015. . . . Pursuant to [the law] no rate shall take effect until 45 days after the Postal Service files a notice specifying that rate.

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