Month: May, 2008

Listcounts® Technology: New Feathering Tool

By Ed Luby

Users of the Listcounts platform including now have the ability to pull random addresses on the neighborhood saturation database.  The practice is known as feathering and can also be called Nth-ing.

By definition, feathering is the systematic removal of addresses to allow your list to hit a desired quantity.  This is different then simply removing the needed amount of records from the bottom of a list.  Feathering allows the removed addresses to be “feathered” or spread evenly across the entire list.

The problem is that if you use a saturation file, you want to keep saturation postage rates so removing addresses one-by-one may cause higher postage.  With that in mind, we designed the feathering module to select entire carrier routes; not single addresses.

The feathering tool provides both automated and manual feathering to accommodate your needs.  The Automated Feathering Section that allows for either a “Balanced Selection” (equal percentages across all zip codes) or a “Prioritize Selection” (use everything and fill in with a specific zip code).  Our manual feathering section allows for “Freehand Selection” (choose the routes you want within each zip code) or “Specify Quantity Per Zip” (how many addresses you want to mail within each zip code).  You can mix these selections to obtain the desire counts and carrier routes are kept whole.

If you have questions or would like more information on the Feathering Module please give us a call and we will be glad to help you any way possible.

NFocus Onion: Direct Mail Headlines

By Benjy Uhl

USPS hires Mike Tyson to handle dog bites against letter carriers.

USPS on YouTube? and watch exciting videos on FSS and more.  Perhaps the USPS is getting hip.  Seriously, I couldn’t make this one up.

Infiniti, manufactured by Nissan, set to buy the naming rights to the USPS Forever Stamp.

USPS NCOALink database crashes trying to link Waldo’s address changes.

Recent address quality requirements making Santa’s database difficult to maintain.

Olympic Gold medals shipping with the US Postal Service.  Silver and Bronze being shipped UPS and FedEx respectfully.

Chuck Norris pitches USPS in creating one postal route within one ZIP Code nationwide all delivered by Chuck Norris by foot.

Nike, Under Armor, Reebok, and Adidas fight for USPS uniform naming rights.

USPS creates Iron Man Postal Route.  Route includes 250 postal deliveries requiring swimming, bicycling and running.

Please note that the NFocus Onion and affiliated comments are fabricated and is intended for entertainment purposes only.  The article should in no way be construed to be factual.

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